Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not enough kleenex in the world

This is what I wish I was today. H A P P Y ! ! !

But I wasn't.
My allergies were just at me all day today. Itchy eyes which are no fun. Runny nose. Which is where the not enough kleenex comes into play.
Have you ever tried to go garage sale-ing, but ending up blowing your nose all the time? It's not so fun. Not to mention the sneezing. Then you end up with eyes that are almost shut from you rubbing them trying to itch them. Not to say anything for your make up being gone by now--... All the eye drops you put in don't work and you have exhausted your limit of allergy meds. for the day.     uuggghhhh 
I love summer but it doesn't seem to like me back. 

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