Tuesday, June 7, 2011

See my new sticker

I love it. I had Paul make it for me. 

This is the way you put the stickers on... you rub them so they stick to the front (clear) sticky adhesive paper.

Then you peel them carefully away from the white backing.

And lay it where you want it.

Then rub it again to make sure it adheres to the vehicle or whatever you are putting it on.

Then you carefully peel off the white sticky paper and you are done...
Sorry these aren't in order by my url, (since we cut it- to make it easier to put on) but I was helping Mr. L. and it was hard to help and take pics at the same time. But you get the idea.
The red tape was to let us know where to begin- we measured it out so it would be even in the middle of the window.

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