Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make up your own Living Will....


I know that a Living Will is probably the furthest thing from most of our minds. But we should all be prepared for these times that **WILL** come to pass. It should not be left up to our loved ones. At that moment when time is critical, emotions are running high and no one really knows what your wants are but you. Your loved ones may know what *THEY*want but not what you want when that time comes. 
I actually had this talk with my daughter awhile back and her idea of what I wanted was totally different from what I wanted. So it is a good idea to have it down on paper and notarized so there is no mistakes made. You can even take the paper to your hospital and they will keep a copy on file so it will already be there. So that if and when something ever happens there is no need to search for that all important document. But let it be known to your loved ones-there is such a document, and where it can be found. If need be make copies and give to them.
It is hard to think of something happening to where you would have to make these decisions but that is life and you have to be the grown up and do the grown up thing and make the decisions. 
Don't leave them for your children- they are having a hard enough time just trying to deal with the fact that reality has set in that their parent isn't invincible right now.  
Don't make it any harder on them.  
Love means showing them you care-- even in your last breath....

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