Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vinyl Stickers Giveaway,.,.ends 6/18

These are the greatest of stickers. We came across this table full of stickers at a garage sale this past weekend. Well to make the story short before the weekend was over we had bought around $38 worth from the him (Paul Schad). He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He even made stickers for us. I wanted my url for my store for the back window on my van-- well he made it for me. Did a great job- if I say so myself. Mr. L. wanted some special stickers and he gladly made them for him. So I thought I would have a giveaway of some of his stickers so you could enjoy them also. He lives in our hometown, but if you'd like to call him and ask him to make you a certain sticker he would have no problem doing it. He doesn't charge very much for the stickers.  989-277-5444 He'd be glad to get them sent right out to you. I've already talked to him about putting his name and number on my blog and he gave me the OK to do it. He could really use the business. He is out of work right now and any work would help him support his family. **Just tell him Christina sent ya.**
AND the part we really liked was that if you get tired of the stickers being on your vehicle you can just peel them right back off with no problem. Just a little soap and water or goo gone and it's all cleaned up. How cool is that! You can't do that with any other stickers out there.

So here are the stickers that will be in the giveaway...It will be your choice as to which set you want--  
Heavenly Set Or The Now Set.

                                         Heavenly Set

                                           The Now Set

I put the size of them below each one. The bottom Jesus is white. The color of the paper came out blue for some reason when I took the pic, but that is just the back paper that you take off anyways.
Now for the rules:
1) Follow my blog and get 1 entry, leave your email address and tell me which set you would like.
2) Blog about it and come back here and post the link and get another entry.
3) Follow me on twitter and get another entry.
4) Tweet about it and leave the link and get another entry.

Good luck and have a nice day everyone and thanks for following me. I do try to follow all who follow me if you have a link to your blog on your profile.

God Bless,

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