Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bad Breath??

To check if you have bad breath do this---

 No don't get scared like Homer--
 Just do this simple trick
 Lick the back of your hand and then SMELL your hand. If it smells you know you have bad breath. Now of course don't do this right after you have brushed your teeth or used mouthwash. That doesn't count. Do it later in the day.
Using breath fresheners won't work to take care of it - go to your dentist and see what the root of the cause is. It can be anything from the foods you eat to rotten teeth.

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Christina said...

It can be anything from the foods we eat to the medicines we take. That effect how our breath smells. I know when I change my meds. my breath will change a bit. I am constantly having to take breath mints or use mouth wash. I hate it. Mr. L.'s is bad from his teeth. He hasn't been able to go to a dentist since he go out of the Army. We simply can't afford it. The medical they offer at his job is so outrageous that he can't even get it. It would only leave us $60 at the end of every week if he took it. What a mess our so called President has us in. Either try to live or get medical and be homeless.