Monday, February 27, 2012

300 calorie meal -- yum yumm

This is 1 Johnsonville pork n chicken kielbasa with Green Giant red potatoes and green beans with cream sauce. Now we didn't defrost the kielbasa before putting it on our George Foreman (our mistake) so it did burn a bit, but still tasted fantastic. This whole meal was only 300 calories. Can you believe it? It was so filling. There are 5 kielbasas in a package so this will make 2 meals for each of us plus a meal for me while Mr. L. is working. I will definitely be adding this to our meal plan for the future. 
The plates we eat off of are the smaller Corelle dinner plates. NOT the big dinner plates. By doing this you see that the plate is full so your brain thinks you are eating a lot of food.  Also we eat slow and try to chew each bite. It is a known fact that it takes longer for your brain to register that you have eaten so taking longer to eat will give it that time to register. 
Along with these healthier meals we have added fruit to our daily intake. The one we really enjoy now is Clementines or Cuties  (oranges). Not only are they small but easy to peel and sweet tasting. Whenever I get the urge for a snack I just go for an orange. Strawberries have been on sale lately so we have been having lots of them. They can be sliced and frozen for later also. 
Bananas have found their way back to our house. We use to eat them all the time but we got away from them until I found the mini ones. I blogged about them a bit ago. Them and strawberries are great in a smoothie.
We do still set in front of the tv to eat but have gotten the results we want by eating right and adding exercise into our daily routine. 

Ps... We only do 10 minutes of exercise daily, with Sunday being our rest day, but it has had a great benefit. We do our exercises from youtube from Hasfit. Coach Josh Kozak has many to choose from. He is great and works right along with you. He doesn't yell and scream like other trainers do, he encourages you and it makes you want to succeed. All his exercises are FREE and he asks that you pass them on to your friends so they can enjoy them too. He has his own gym and he knows what he's doing. 
Google his name and check out just who he is--
                        ** Josh Kozak **