Monday, February 20, 2012


I know---
I have been MIA for a few days. I just couldn't find anything to blog about. Nothing came to mind. I just found myself doing the normal. Dishes, laundry and regular-housework. I get that way in the winter time. I hate the cold weather. I hate going out in it. No matter how high I turn the thermostat up it does not seem to get warm enough in the house. I has gotten worse the older I have gotten. Once my bones get cold they just don't seem to get warm. No matter how many layers I have on. 
I even have 3 puppy dogs that pile up around me and they can't get me to warm up. 
H E L P --- spring get here soon.....

So I ask for you to forgive me for not posting these past few days. I hope you have had a great weekend and your week that follows will be a good one for you. 

Remember to think before you speak, as your words will ring loudly in that's persons ears and last a lifetime in their heart. 

Tell the truth because that lie will surely be found out and then it will hurt like nothing else has ever hurt before. It will never let you be in the same light again.