Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look what came today

I needed a new blender because mine wasn't doing a good job any more. So I set off searching for another one. I read all the pros and cons of many online. Then I came across this one. I seen this guy from Canada doing videos where he was making shakes, ice cream and even chopping up meat into meatballs. In one video he even did up a cake mix and added some extra items to make it his own recipe. Now I like making things all in one bowl for easy clean up. So then I went on the search looking for that blender. I found it in different places but when I came across it on QVC, it was not only cheaper but had 4 containers instead of 3 like everyone else. How great was that!
Hubby picked it up on the way to work at the P.O. - now I am just waiting til he gets home from work to make us fruit smoothies. 
 Not a bad deal for $49.62 if I say so myself.


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Christina said...

We used it last night and made a fruit smoothie. Turned out fantastic. Used 5 ice cubes, 2 cups blueberries, 2 cups of strawberries, 2 teas. sweetener, and 1 cup of milk. It was delicious. Actually turned out to be too much for just us 2 so we have to learn how to make smaller batches. I plan to make a veggie bean burger mix for supper tonight. It uses black beans, rice, egg, crackers- much like you would do for meatloaf or hamburgers. Only using black beans. We aren't vegan or anything but it sounded good so thought I would try it. You can fry it or bake them and even freeze them and reheat later. I'll look into that after we see how we like them. Would be much cheaper than meat burgers and better for ya. We have been changing the way we eat and with that and exercising we have lost 19-21 lbs each in the last 7 wks.
Hopefully this Ninja Blender will help us to make new food mixes. I will be searching the internet to find some for us.

Christina said...

This thing blends/mixes to fantastic. I have used it almost everyday since I got it and it seems to not be slowing down a bit. Cruses ice like no tomorrow. Makes ice cream so easy. Shakes area breeze to make. Even mixing my pinto/black bean mix is easy for this thing. I just love it. The thing with getting it from Amazon is you get the 4 containers, but at the store you only get 3. And it was free shipping also. Loving it....