Sunday, February 12, 2012

Protein Shake Face

We have recently started adding protein shakes to our breakfast routine. It only takes a few minutes to make and one makes this while the other makes the eggs for the wheat muffins with spinach and a bit of shredded cheese. That will make up our breakfast. It is filling and takes us til snack time a couple hours later. We have done very well at eating better and sticking to it. It was hard at first because we were always hungry but that went away. We feel more energetic and lively. 
But to bring you back to the shake. Everyday when we have our shakes we have 3 little dogs who think they should have some too so we give them a few licks out of our glass. But we have one baby that always ends up with a chin left over. SO today I decided to share it with you.
Don't mind my jewelry making supplies in the background. He didn't want to hold still so he needed a little help. He thought he was in trouble so his ears weren't perked like always. But he is cute just the same. He's our youngest of the bunch-Aquila. We got his name from the bible.