Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My washer motor stopped working..

It has been on it's way for over a month now. But I have been babying it now. I was worried because the place (Rex) we bought it from had closed. Much like so many places that have over the years that have had low customers and now I needed to find their headquarters. See I had bought a 5 yr. warranty for it like I do all my NEW Appliance purchases. So I looked over the receipt and no # for me to call. So onto the internet I went. Only to find out they no longer have a headquarters. *Oh No*  Now what do I do? No way am I going to pay to get this fixed as I still have 3 months til the end of my warranty. I am going to get my monies worth.  So more searching I am doing. That means more reading. 
So I finally find that they are still in business but have changed their business from sales to alternative energy. 

But since I didn't find this information until after their business hours last night, I had to wait until this morning to call them. Much to my surprise they were very polite and when I explained what was wrong with my washer she looked everything up to verify I had bought from them and bought the extended warranty. After verifying that she said she would get someone out within 48 hours to take care of the problem. 
That made me happy. But before I could get to far into my day she called me to tell me I would have A & E Appliance Repair would be out tomorrow between 8am and 5pm. 

That was fine but couldn't I at least get a better pin down of time?? Well I guess I can't complain at least I have someone coming to fix my washer.  Since I do about 3-4 loads a week and I really don't want to run to the laundry mat.  Well I guess I will have to go to bed early tonight so I can get up early and wait for this guy to come. My usual bedtime is around 3am. But tonight will be much earlier. I just hope I won't be waiting all day long for him to come. You know like when you are waiting for the cable guy. They give you a 4 hr timetable and he doesn't come til at the end of that time. Why do they do that???? They don't like it if they have to wait for you.. Don't get me on that == that's a whole different rant there.. 
Hope your day/week is going better than mine... 

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Denise said...

Sorry sweety, praying for you.