Sunday, November 27, 2011

His new shoes

He had been after me to get these shoes, so today we went and got him a pair today. They were on sale and we saved $40. Not bad. Regularly $110 and we paid $70. We spent over 3 hours last night searching all sites we could find looking for them and reading reviews about them. We finally found a place that were 26 miles from us. So off we went today to check them out. 
But not before we went to our Dollar Tree store to get a couple pair of Toe Socks so we were set to try on the shoes.
Of course they did have the socks there at the store we were heading to but I was NOT going to pay $9 a pair for socks.

 These are called Vibram Five Fingers Shoes.

 These are of the bottom to show you how the soles look like. Very flexible-not solid like our regular shoes we wear. So that every step you take allows your foot to move. Even your toes individually.
 It even has a built in instep.
 To show how flexible they are I had Mr. L. flex his feet to show how easily they move backward and
 forward. (Well Punkin just had to get her picture taken to.)
 I wasn't able to get a pair of their shoes because I had trouble with the shoes being too narrow in the women's sizes. So when I put on the shoes it would pull on the socks and with the toe socks it pulled them back into my toes and it hurt. So it took away from the ability of knowing if the shoe fit well since I was concentrating on the pain between my toes.
So I was fine with my old $10 pair of shoes from Walmart I had gotten this past summer.
 They seem to be the same style they offer for women without the toe separation and as you can see by the soles of these shoes, I have worn them many times this past summer.


Chinatours said...

Shoes? Never seen such kind of shoes before, interesting, will it be a new trend?

Christina said...

Actually these have been out for 5 years and are just now getting into the spot light. They have running shoe and even hiking shoes. So they do have a variety to choose from.

Ajudando ao Próximo said...


I love the shoe.

Acho que vou pedir para você mandar um para mim aqui no Brasil se tiver para homens.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Oh, I have so wanted a pair of these FOREVER! Awesome that he was able to get a pair. I have a feeling they won't be wide enough for my boats! lol


Christina said...

Get them in the men's and you'll be able to get the better fit. They are wider in men's than women's. Make sure you try them on at a store. Don't just get them online. If we would've went by the size chart online we would've been 3 sizes off.(too small)
Larry just loves these. He wears them every night after he comes home from work.