Thursday, November 24, 2011

I love my MagicJack Plus

I had been using the MagicJack for my house phone. And when I went to renew my service for another year I noticed they had come up with a better MagicJack. One that didn't need to be hooked into your computer. All you needed to do was plug it into your modem and then into the MagicJack and then plug the phone into into the MagicJack and that into an outlet. How simple was that???
Well after you hooked it into your computer for a quick second to download it real quick and register it so you can get your number and set up your account and everything. It actually takes just minutes.
After I got everything registered they asked if I wanted to pay for 5yrs service for a BIG discount of $99.95 and I figured why not. That was a big savings over the $69.95 a year it would've cost me next year for my renewal. Sure it was a big amount to put out all at once but not when you really think of it over a 6yr period. That comes out to $2.36 a month. I think I can afford that.
Well I sent off for a new one. It cost $69.95 for the first years service of the MagicJack Plus. Not bad since I can make all the local and long distance calls I want and never pay again for another year. When you break that down I am only paying $5.83 a month for phone service. Plus when you have a phone with caller ID you see who is calling. And it has voice mail. Not to mention you can call 911 from your phone also. 
We have 3 wireless phone sets and all 3 work with MagicJack. I just have the main one hooked into MagicJack.

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