Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well my Lady bought 2 more peices off me today

They each have the Swarovski Crystals in them so they shine in the light. She is getting her Christmas shopping done. She has ideas for more so I have to get busy. 
I would show you how I had them packaged up for her but I didn't have my card in my camera when I was taking the pictures. But I can tell you. 
I had the purple set in a gold wire basket with 2 Xmas bulbs, and deep pink plastic santa that I had the jewelry inside of all setting on shredded white paper with a colorful bow on it all ready to give to someone. 
The Green set I had in a jewelers case from the store that I had put into a Christmas stocking that had a bear on it that was holding a bell. So both sets were ready for gift giving. All she has to do is add a name.
**But I have a feeling she may keep the purple set, as purple is her favorite color.

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