Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. L.'s new hat...

Well since these hats were too much for our budget I was asked if I could sew the design on a hat?? 
Since I will do anything for Mr. L., I did my best sewing and did just that. This is the results. 

This is the **Not of This World** logo that they sell on stocking hats for around $17-20.00. That was money we didn't have. So I made a template with card stock and just sewed over it. We used a hat Mr. L. already had and I just used the gold thread I had already on my sewing machine and I went to sewing the logo on his hat. I carefully tore the card stock off from around the lettering when I was done and then washed the hat to get the rest of the paper from the hat. I didn't want to rip it from the tread and rip the tread. So the washing just did the trick. 
He just loves the way it turned out. He wears his hat like a little kid with a new toy.

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