Sunday, November 27, 2011

His new shoes

He had been after me to get these shoes, so today we went and got him a pair today. They were on sale and we saved $40. Not bad. Regularly $110 and we paid $70. We spent over 3 hours last night searching all sites we could find looking for them and reading reviews about them. We finally found a place that were 26 miles from us. So off we went today to check them out. 
But not before we went to our Dollar Tree store to get a couple pair of Toe Socks so we were set to try on the shoes.
Of course they did have the socks there at the store we were heading to but I was NOT going to pay $9 a pair for socks.

 These are called Vibram Five Fingers Shoes.

 These are of the bottom to show you how the soles look like. Very flexible-not solid like our regular shoes we wear. So that every step you take allows your foot to move. Even your toes individually.
 It even has a built in instep.
 To show how flexible they are I had Mr. L. flex his feet to show how easily they move backward and
 forward. (Well Punkin just had to get her picture taken to.)
 I wasn't able to get a pair of their shoes because I had trouble with the shoes being too narrow in the women's sizes. So when I put on the shoes it would pull on the socks and with the toe socks it pulled them back into my toes and it hurt. So it took away from the ability of knowing if the shoe fit well since I was concentrating on the pain between my toes.
So I was fine with my old $10 pair of shoes from Walmart I had gotten this past summer.
 They seem to be the same style they offer for women without the toe separation and as you can see by the soles of these shoes, I have worn them many times this past summer.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I love my MagicJack Plus

I had been using the MagicJack for my house phone. And when I went to renew my service for another year I noticed they had come up with a better MagicJack. One that didn't need to be hooked into your computer. All you needed to do was plug it into your modem and then into the MagicJack and then plug the phone into into the MagicJack and that into an outlet. How simple was that???
Well after you hooked it into your computer for a quick second to download it real quick and register it so you can get your number and set up your account and everything. It actually takes just minutes.
After I got everything registered they asked if I wanted to pay for 5yrs service for a BIG discount of $99.95 and I figured why not. That was a big savings over the $69.95 a year it would've cost me next year for my renewal. Sure it was a big amount to put out all at once but not when you really think of it over a 6yr period. That comes out to $2.36 a month. I think I can afford that.
Well I sent off for a new one. It cost $69.95 for the first years service of the MagicJack Plus. Not bad since I can make all the local and long distance calls I want and never pay again for another year. When you break that down I am only paying $5.83 a month for phone service. Plus when you have a phone with caller ID you see who is calling. And it has voice mail. Not to mention you can call 911 from your phone also. 
We have 3 wireless phone sets and all 3 work with MagicJack. I just have the main one hooked into MagicJack.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I just had to buy this - can you guess why?

That's right- this is a Simply Vera, Vera Wang Shirt. I scored this for all of $1.25. Brand new with tags on. Tags said $34.00. I got it at the salvation army store 2 weeks ago. 
I have to say I just HATE this shirt. The only reason I got it was because I wanted to say I had a Vera Wang item. But I have to say I really don't feel any different since I have it. I have worn it a couple times under my green hoodie. Which it goes good with. But for some reason I thought I would feel different having a Vera Wang piece, but I don't. Maybe it was the way I was brought up. 
One piece of clothing was just like another. Just that- a piece of clothing. Names meant nothing to me growing up. We weren't brought up in an area where all that hoopla of who was wearing what name brand meant anything. 
Why is it today that, that is all that matters is what brand name you are wearing? 
Our world is so sad.....

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord and continue to shop the discount stores for all those hand me downs from everyone else. All they ever need is a good washing and maybe a stitch or two.

Things that make you smile

Is my smeller working yet??
Come on, you've had it long enough. It's my turn now to chew on it for 10 minutes.
Now listen up. You are a scary dog. You're just not scary to me.
Are you gonna make my stuffy nose feel better?
That's the spot - it hurts right there. Is it my gall bladder or appendix?
What dog - there's no dog in my room dad, I know the rules.
Oh butterfly, you are so pretty. And the flowers smell good too.
What do you mean you got my nose? When will I get it back?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snow Flakes of another kind

These are another pair of earrings I made that will help someone ring in the holiday. They do sparkle nicely. Measure in at 3 inches long, with gold ear wire and wrapped with gold wire. Have a nice weight to them but not to much to be bothersome. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup

I wanted some chicken noodle soup but we were out of noodles. So I searched the cupboards to see what we had. All I could find were lots of packages of Ramen Noodles. So I figured why not! So I filled a 2 quart pot with water and added 3 bouillon cubes of chicken flavor. Then added 5 pieces of frozen chicken. Let it cook on medium as I proceeded to add carrots, celery and of course my favorite for color, radishes. I added any flavorings I thought I might want along with dried onions. By the time I had cut up my carrots, celery and radishes it was time to take out the chicken and cut it up and put it back in the water.
I let it cook for a bit more then added 3 packages of Ramen Noodles that I had taken a cup and banged on to break up the noodles before I opened the bag. After it cooked to let the noodles get done I then added 2 of the packets that come with the noodles to add more flavor.
O'boy does that add F L A V O R to the soup.
Here is the way my soup turned out. YUM YUM and I mean YUM YUM......

Got my bracelet done

I made it with 2 pieces of silverware that we cut off the spoon end.
 I drilled the left one and Mr. L. did the other one. It really needs to be drilled close to the end, in order for the wire to fit right and the chain to fit on well. But it's the first one so this one is mine and we will know better for the other ones. As with all my jewelry no 2 will be the same.

This is the *Necklace Pendant* I made myself from the spoon from one of the silverware pieces. It has 3 Fresh Water Pearls of different sizes along with faux little white pearls as accents. With a butterfly, dragonfly and a gold bead for extra bling, all wrapped in gold wire. 

This one is the second one I made from the other piece of silverware. It looks similar to mine but different. As I said no 2 are the *SAME*. The beads are slightly different in where they are placed for color. But it still has the 3 Fresh Water Pearls of different sizes. This one has a different chain to it, which is 26in long.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who doesn't love Rings?

This is a video on how to make wire wrapped rings with Crystal beads. So easy I wanted to share it. It has 3 videos to it but they go from 1 video to the next so I will only post the first one.
Hope you enjoy it. 
I plan on trying this right after I finish making my bracelet I am working on. I will post a pic when I am done.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Warheads in our own backyards!

I knew we had nuclear plants around the US. But I was unaware that we had atomic warheads still here and ready to be launched. Here is a link so you can see for yourself as to where they are Warheads. I also have another link so you can read a little about it. Where the Nukes are.....

This is a warhead being mated up with a DF-3.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Earrings

I was asked by a lady if I had made any Christmas type earrings and I hadn't as of yet. So I went to work on making some. This is my first pair. I have 3 others done after these. I spent all evening making them. I was over anxious and took the picture before I had put the earring part on, but you get the idea. 

They hang about 2 inches in length. 
Boy did I have to go all over my town to look for red beads. No where did any of our stores have any. I did find these at Jo Ann Fabrics. Of course the most expensive store in town. But I had a coupon for 25% off so that helped a little.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthstone Charts and their backgrounds

 As I was searching for the birthstones for their certain colors for my jewelry, it dawned on me that someone else may just be as interested in them as I was. So here is some of the information I found. I was glad to come up with the Swarovski Chart as those are the crystals I use in lots of my jewelry designs as of late. But it was more fascinating to find the chart with the origins of all the traditions and differences they have went through.
Birthstone chart
Birth Month Modern Birthstones Traditional Birthstones Mystical Birthstones Ayurvedic Birthstones 15th-20th Century Birthstones
January Garnet Garnet Emerald Garnet Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst Bloodstone Amethyst Amethyst, Hyacinth, Pearl
March Aquamarine Bloodstone Jade Bloodstone Bloodstone, Jasper
April Diamond Diamond Opal Diamond Diamond, Sapphire
May Emerald Emerald Sapphire Agate Agate, Emerald
June Pearl, Moonstone Alexandrite Moonstone Pearl Agate, Cat's Eye, Turquoise
July Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Onyx, Turquoise
August Peridot Sardonyx Diamond Sapphire Carnelian, Moonstone, Sardonyx, Topaz
September Sapphire Sapphire Agate Moonstone Chrsolite
October Opal, Tourmaline Tourmaline Jasper Opal Beryl, Opal
November Yellow Topaz, Citrine Citrine Pearl Topaz Pearl, topaz
December Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite Zircon, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli Onyx Ruby Bloodstone, Ruby

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Is What Really Hides In Taco Bell’s "Beef"

Boy was this a good read. 
You will have to go to the article and read it from there-sorry- copyrighted, you know the drill.
Taco Bell's 36% beef

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Since I have been making lots of jewelry I thought this was nice..

This goes along with my 2 favorite things, crocheting and making jewelry. I had always wondered how they made those beautiful crocheted necklaces. Now I can try to make one. I have the beads all I have to get is the wire. I don't have that type on hand. I will have to put that on my list.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Crocheted Corkscrew Tutorial

Of all the years I have been crocheting I have never known how to do this. Now with this video I know how. I know this is something that others might think that is so simple and it is now that I know how to do it, but I am sure there are others that might not know how to do it either. 
So now they will.

Crochet Geek: Crochet Boucan Pattern Stitch - Scarf - Afghan - Blanket

This is so easy and comes out so nice. I love this stitch. You can combine any combination of colors and it would look fantastic. 
I just had to share this with my buddies that also love to crochet.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. L.'s new hat...

Well since these hats were too much for our budget I was asked if I could sew the design on a hat?? 
Since I will do anything for Mr. L., I did my best sewing and did just that. This is the results. 

This is the **Not of This World** logo that they sell on stocking hats for around $17-20.00. That was money we didn't have. So I made a template with card stock and just sewed over it. We used a hat Mr. L. already had and I just used the gold thread I had already on my sewing machine and I went to sewing the logo on his hat. I carefully tore the card stock off from around the lettering when I was done and then washed the hat to get the rest of the paper from the hat. I didn't want to rip it from the tread and rip the tread. So the washing just did the trick. 
He just loves the way it turned out. He wears his hat like a little kid with a new toy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well my Lady bought 2 more peices off me today

They each have the Swarovski Crystals in them so they shine in the light. She is getting her Christmas shopping done. She has ideas for more so I have to get busy. 
I would show you how I had them packaged up for her but I didn't have my card in my camera when I was taking the pictures. But I can tell you. 
I had the purple set in a gold wire basket with 2 Xmas bulbs, and deep pink plastic santa that I had the jewelry inside of all setting on shredded white paper with a colorful bow on it all ready to give to someone. 
The Green set I had in a jewelers case from the store that I had put into a Christmas stocking that had a bear on it that was holding a bell. So both sets were ready for gift giving. All she has to do is add a name.
**But I have a feeling she may keep the purple set, as purple is her favorite color.