Sunday, October 26, 2008


They are the sunshine of their mothers lives. They watch over every step they take and their heart breaks whenever they see a tear come down that child's face. We would do whatever it took to keep her from harm. It hurts us more than it does her when she gets her first set of shots and we try to hold back our own tears. We walk the floor at night when she won't sleep and we can't figure out why. We'll rock her for hours just so she can sleep even though it is uncomfortable for us. We'll take that dandelion that she has so proudly brought to us and find the best vase we have and display it right there on the kitchen table where everyone can see it.
The bond mothers and daughters have is so strong nothing can come between. But that doesn't mean a mother will stop wanting to protect her daughter or wanting to guide her in her directions of her life. A mother always thinks she knows best. Mainly because she's already went through all those trials and tribulations and she wants to protect her daughter from going through the same ones to.
But that doesn't mean I don't realize that you are now grown and will need to make your own decisions. I will stay in the background and try my best to not be a meddling mom.
A mother still hates to see her grown daughter hurt and will do anything to try and not have it happen if she can. But for the most part all she can do is be there when she calls and let her cry on her shoulder and tell her that everything works it's self out in the end.
Now that you are a mother of your own I am proud to see how you've grown. You are doing the things you never thought you would and doing a great job at it.
I am proud of you.
But it doesn't matter how old you get you will always be my baby girl.

Happy 30th Birthday

You didn't think I would forget your birthday did you??

All my love,

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Katrina said...

Thanks mom, that is really sweet! I'd give you a great big hug if I could. So it will have to wait til I get back down state and see you again. I love you mom, you're the greatest.