Friday, October 10, 2008

Jewelry I've made.

This beautiful beaded Bracelet is 7 in. and would wear lovely with any evening attire. Has a nice clasp to hold it tightly so you don't lose it.
Price is: $12.00
Shipping: $3.00 in US only right now.

Now for this WWJD? bracelet.
For all who ask WWJD, here is your chance to wear the question on your wrist. Made with a strong stretchy band material so it will slip easily over your wrist. No need to take that extra minute to fuss with a closure. Size 61/2in-7 in.
Price is: $10.00
Shipping: $3.00 in US only right now.

It has been such a nice day out today. Got yet another load of laundry dried on the line today. Hope the warm weather holds out. I still haven't gotten my dryer belt fixed yet. I will post more later. I really need to get supper on the way.
God Bless,

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