Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let's talk keeping warm.

I couldn't resist making a scarf in the RIBBON yarn. This color is so fancy, works up easily and is so soft to the touch. Is easy to mold around your neck and feels comfortable to wear. You could wear this with your finest coat or your funkiest of clothing. All the teens like this style right now. They wear these as a statement to their clothing style.
Shipping: $2.40 in the US only right now.

Here is a hat and scarf set I made in blue and white. The scarf is over 6ft. long so you can design it anyway you want around your neck. Or even use it as a belt. The hat can fit a teenager or an adult easily. Is made out of soft yarn and looks great on.

Price: $12.00 for the set.
Shipping: $3.25 in the US only for right now.

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