Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Day!

I received this in an email from my brother today. He knows how much the Lord means to me so he sends on things that he thinks I might be interested in. So I would like to share this with you as well.

I try to help those who need helping, whether it be opening a door for them when they have their hands full or taking back a shopping cart so they can get out of the rain. I'll let someone go ahead of me in the grocery line that might have a crying child so they can tend to their needs quicker. If I have an extra coat I try to find someone that can use it before it gets too cold. When we go out to eat we like to pay for a person's meal that is eating alone and leave the cashier a note with the words "God Loves You!" and have her give it to them when they go to pay. It is our way of trying to help others when we can.
Do you try to do all you can when it comes to helping others? It doesn't take money to help. Sometimes all it takes is a smile. You never know when it might be your smile that stands in the way between life and death of a person. That extra second it took for you to look their way and give them a glance with a smile that let them know someone was caring about them was what it took for them to change their mind about ending their life that day.
You never know if you don't try.
God Bless,

in the center-
and everything will
come together.