Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Head Lice Treatments

Well it is that time of year again when kids are sharing brushes or helping each other fix their hair in different styles. I which they are using each others clips and barrettes. So let them know they need to not share their brushes and things.
So I have found some homemade things to use to get rid of head lice.

*One of the things that works well is dog flea and lice shampoo. This you can use to wash your hair every day without any harm.
*Beer is another thing that works well in getting rid of lice. After whatever treatment you use, rinse with beer. Let stay on the hair for 30 minutes to an hour and wrap head in a towel. Then rinse it out.
*Another method is using Suave Coconut shampoo. I don't know how effective this is, I would only use this on a young child who doesn't have it too badly.
*Vaseline will suffocate them. This is said to be one of the best treatments. Plaster the hair right down to the roots. Leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo with dish soap or any other degreasing soap. It takes about 6 shampoos to get it out. The chemical solutions are not working at all, do not use them, they are harmful.
* A tip from Olga- "I have used Vaseline on my daughter head, covered it with a shower cap and left it on all night. the next day I went through and found none. To get the Vaseline out is put cornstarch on the hair when dry, this will soak up allot, and another thing I used was dawn dish soap and baking soda and this work well too. good luck!"
*A tip from Julie Majewski, " I have a friend who tried the Vaseline. She said she left it on for a couple days and it even killed the eggs. She said that since the eggs take about 3-4 days to hatch, keeping the Vaseline on wont let them hatch so they will die off. I think the over-the-counter treatments are too strong to have to keep using over and over and I want safe ways."
The most important thing to do to get rid of the lice is to make sure that you get ALL of the nits out. They are the eggs and will hatch. This is the one thing that is not killed by any treatments, even the store treatments. You must pull them out by hand. When my children had lice, I spent hours and hours pulling the nits and the bugs out by hand. We used the beer and the essential oil treatments.
*Olive oil (extra virgin) works the same as Vaseline.. put it on at night. put on shower cap.. see if they can sleep in it.. in the morning.. wash a few times.. then pull out all the nits as a preventative measures..
*Lice HATE tea tree oil. Use Paul Mitchell's tea tree shampoo.. or add a couple table spoons of tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo and conditioner..
*You can also add to your rinse water in your laundry.. as well as Skin So Soft. They also hate Skin So soft so you can use it as a fabric rinse in your clothing (mosquito's hate this as well.
*Don't forget to boil brushes and combs and rub them down with tea tree oil as well. (Helps repel those bugs!) Also, Bugs love nice clean hair.. you can use mouse and gel in your child's hair.. and this helps to repel the bugs too. - sells a good, natural lice remover.
*Mayo .. used like the olive oil or Vaseline
*Crisco (used the same way)
*Goop (used the same way) Vinegar - used to help loosen nits. Mix with conditioner (50 50) and spray on..

*I read that if you mix Listerine and water 50/50 and spray the hair with a light mist after every shower it will help re-infestation
*We've found that the most effective way to combat lice is to put a good amount of white hair conditioner on dry hair work through and use nit comb. This should be done every day for 7 days. Seems to be working well as the conditioner stuns the lice.
*The best and easiest head lice treatment is blow-drying the (dry) hair on the highest setting the child can tolerate. Do it outside or put down a sheet behind the head, as lice and nits will dry out and fall off the hair. The ones that stay stuck to the hair are dried out and dead, and easier to remove. The nits will not hatch, but still need to be removed just to be safe!
This can be used after treating with homemade treatments like the ones already mentioned on your website. This method is a lifesaver if you are confronted with a really bad case that includes lots of live bugs.
*30 minutes on high in the dryer gets rid of infestation on clothing and blankets, all the child's bedding needs to be treated, don't hang it on the line! Some stuffed animals can be placed in the dryer without damaging them, all the others should be bagged in plastic bags for 30 days. Vacuum children's rooms, backs of chairs, sofas, car seats, backpacks, mattresses; lice don't stick to things that are not hair and will be removed. Don't waste money on lice removal products when nice clean free hot air is a louse's worst enemy!
*Everyone always says that the RID shampoo will work and it does BUT if you are a messy home keeping person then it wont work because the bugs will still be in your carpet and on your furniture so try using the RID spray and after doing that try using 1/2 Listerine and 1/2 cup of water after each time your child or you wash their hair!! And then there will be NO MORE lice!
*Or try using some mayo and let it set for 30 min and then shampoo it out with ANY kind of dish washing liquid!! BUT it will take about 6 to 7 shampoo cycles of this.
*I bought a bottle of the squirt Kraft mayonnaise and took almost 1/2 out of the bottle and refilled it with white vinegar. Smells awful but we worked through it. Coat the hair like a thick salad and cover with saran wrap for at least 5 hours. The mixture is rather runny and we had to do some wipe offs frequently. We added a nice bandanna over the mess for her vanity. I rinsed her hair and washed it twice with Dawn dish-washing soap and then used a nice Tea Tree soap after wards. Then I started using the little comb I had bought. She was infested but when I was done combing her hair out and blew it dry, honestly all the nits just fell off of her head. She is clean as a whistle again. Now I am not sure if it was the name brand mayo or that I used more vinegar this time but it worked like a miracle. After we were said and done I took a small spray bottle full of water and added about 20 drops of Tea Tree oil to it and sprayed everyone down and combed everyone's hair in the house. This was truly the fastest and easiest time I have been able to rid our home of head lice. The best part was, I didn't have to use anything on her sweet head that was harmful to her in anyway. Hope this helps someone!
*After spending close to $100 buying every lice-removing-wonder-cure, I have come to the realization that NONE of them work. Here's what my pharmacist recommends. Not only does it work like a charm, but it's CHEAPER!!!
Wash with Prell Shampoo -- the original green one and rinse;
Towel dry;
*Drench hair with Listerine Mouth Wash, the original brown variety;
Cover with shower cap and wear overnight, preferably 12 hours;
Wash again with Prell;
Blow hair dry;
Go OUTSIDE and comb with a fine tooth comb or brush (lice comb is not necessary.)
Stand back and watch the lice, eggs, and nits fall off the hair shaft!!!
It's a miracle!

I spoke to a Herbalist after having untold problem with nits. She said that if you're lacking vitamin B it can make it harder to get rid of nits. And, also, get into garlic! Evidently nits can't stand garlic in the blood!


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Is olive oil can remove lice? my daughter is suffering of head lice she always scratch her head!!hope someone can help me!

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Hi again Joeff,
Actually you could have just done a google search for {treatment for head lice home remedy} and you would've gotten many places to look at.
I do most of my searches at on google and look through them before I make my decisions.
Glad to hear from you again.

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