Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe

This makes liquid laundry soap. I have been using this recipe for years now.
1 bar of bath soap (shredded, any kind/scent)
1 C. Borax
1 C. Arm & Hammer WASHING Soda. (not the reg. laundry detergent)
1 LARGE canning pot

Shred the bar of soap the best you can, then add it & about 1/2 gallon of hot water into the pot. Warm on low in the pot until the soap is dissolved. Then add the Borax and Washing Soda, stir until dissolved. Add more hot water until the pot is full. Continue warming for about 1/2 hr. more. Stirring often. I make mine at night then let set over night to cool completely. Stirring it before I put it into the containers. Then put into containers. Sometimes it will thicken a bit & sometimes it doesn't. (my batches never turn out the same way twice) I use the same amount as I would regular detergent in my wash loads. It does not suds up much. But it cleans very well.
I have even added 1/4 -1/2 container of shampoo to it at times. Since shampoo is for taking the oils out of your hair it will do the same for your laundry. Like the oils from your necklines of your clothes. Adding this will make the soap suds up while filling containers so be careful not to overflow.
I usually get about 4, 1-gallon containers of laundry soap out of each batch.
That's a lot of soap for about 39cents to make.
I also use vinegar in the rinse cycle instead of fabric softner. It doesn't leave a smell on the clothes.
Or if you're short on things you can use a bawled up roll of aluminum foil in the clothes dryer instead of a fabric sheet.
Or even putting a dab of hair conditioner on a washcloth in the dryer will have the same effect.
**remember to clean out the dryer hose that goes into the wall at least once a year to prevent fires. **
*I use my vacuum hose attachment to get into the vent inside the dryer door to clean it out once a month.*

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