Wednesday, August 26, 2009


NO CHARGE eye exams for those who qualify.
It is easy to qualify and they do help you out. I had a friend who went through here and he not only got an eye exam but free glasses also. And the glasses were nice looking.

Vision USA

If you do not qualify for government aid or private health care assistance that covers the cost of routine eye or vision care, VISION USA™ can help. VISION USA™ provides basic eye health and vision care services no charge to uninsured, low-income people and their families. VISION USA™ was established in 1991 by AOA doctors of optometry who donate their services.

Eligibility Requirements

VISION USA™ is open to children and adults. General eligibility requirements vary by state. To receive free services, you must:

1. Have a job or live in a household where there is one working member
2. Have no vision insurance (this may include Medicare/Medicaid)
3. Have income below an established level based on household size
4. Not have had an eye exam within two years

If you or your family are eligible to receive services, you will be matched with a volunteer doctor of optometry who will provide a comprehensive eye exam at no charge. Eyewear also may be provided at no cost or for a small fee/donation in some states. (Note: Doctors donate their services and may be limited in some areas.)

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