Monday, August 31, 2009

Taking an Aspirin on a daily basis may not be good for you.

A recent study found by the British scientists shows that taking a daily dose of 100mg of aspirin if you have had no symptoms of artery disease could be more harm than good.

This is a good read, go check it out.
Make the decision on your own or at the least after you talk with your Doctor.


Christina said...

Hi hon,
We survived. Had a 3 day yard sale over the weekend. The weather was great for it. Got rid of things we really didn't need. Entertainment center, the China Hutch and much more. Boy do we have a lot more room in the house now. The dogs have so much room to play in now they don't know what to do.:-)

Goose Hill Farm said...

You had a 3 day yard sale? Where was I? LOL

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. We have been busy. I have only had time to kind of "lurk" in the background and not really leave many comments. Trying to change that!

Glad to hear you survived your weekend.