Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recipe to make your own Pure Life Splash de Kiwi-Fresa

This is so simple to make and tastes so delish. Even Larry liked it and he is SO picky. He says he may even switch over to this from pop since he likes it so much. At least I will be able to get more water down him this way.

*Essentials: *
*1. One 12 oz (+/-) plastic bottle*
*2. Fill partially with water*
*3. Pour a tablespoon of Splenda in it* (you can use regular sugar also-I did)
*4. Squirt some lemon juice in it*
*5. Fill completely with water*
*6. Shake*
*7. Drink*
*VoilĂ  ... you just made yourself a $1.30 bottle of faux Nestle Pure Life Splash de Lo-Que-Nunca for FREE...!!!!! ! *
*If you save all your bottles from your pop and do this, think of the landfill space you save.
How Sweet.*

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