Friday, August 28, 2009

Picture of both babies

Larry said it was only fair that I post a pic of both of the babies since I had monopolized my posts with Mr. Man. So here it is a pic of Mr. Man and Punkin. She keeps him in line and he worries about her when she is out of his sight. He wines to let us know she wants out and wines to tell us to check on her if he thinks she has been out to long. You would think he was the older one the way he carries on. He just has a worrying personality. He does that with us even. If one of us is out of his sight too long he will search the house to find us. If he was in another room when one of us left the house he will pace the house until that one returns.
The poor boy is gonna give himself a nervous breakdown some day.
But we love em both. They are our kids.

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