Monday, August 17, 2009

Soap for feet/leg cramps

Have you ever heard of a bar of soap helping take care of your feet and leg cramps?
Well-- now you have!
I got this from a group I am on and many claim it works for them.

So this is what they do and how it works.
One gal has lupus and she has plenty of leg pain. After going to the Dr. for advice on controlling the pain the Dr. told her to get a bar of soap (any type) then put it in a sock and tie it tight so it won't come out. Then put that in the foot of your bed and leave it there. Apparently while you sleep it helps to control the pain.
The Dr. said there is something that is put in the soap to stop the cramping.

There were replies from many who do this and have had great results. One lady said she had 2 bars of soap in her bed (one for each side).
So if you have leg pains, why not give it a try.
Home remedies have long been the best answers to many things for years before medicine came about.

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