Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Put the coffee pot on-Company's coming

How do you spell E X C I T E D.
M E--yup.. that's the way I spell it.
I don't think I've been that way in quite awhile. See we have had a couple ladies, Bernie and Mar visiting for the past couple days. And what a blessing it has been having them here. We so enjoyed talking and spending time with them. They have been living a different type of lifestyle than you and I. They live in a small RV and travel the US. "Now that is the freedom of the open road." They go where they want and work along the way to finance their day to day living. They will be leaving tomorrow and I am going to hate seeing our visit come to an end.
I hope someday we will be doing the same thing-living on the road, seeing the world along the way.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Feel free to use any of my pictures. My sister has more of Salvation Mountain on her blog. Check out http://lifeontheopenroad.blogspot.com/2008/12/salvation-mountain.html