Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dishcloth & Scrubbers I've made

I was unable to post pics over at so I will post them here so everyone can see them.

 I love these for the dishes and my pans as I have T-fal. And I really DON'T want them scratched, Mr. L. If you know what I mean. He had to buy me a set already once because they came up all scratched...... And I had- had the set since my kids were babies. That meant the set was 20 something yrs old. Not bad for a set of pans. So I guess I was do for a new set. But I really don't care for the new stuff. I guess I should write and tell them...
Anyways I do love the scrubbers for the pans- they don't scratch and really clean them well. 
Plus you can just pop them in the washer and I let the scrubber dry on it's own.

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