Monday, July 25, 2011

Ever needed some shipping boxes?

Did you know you can get them *FREE* from the post office? Yes you can. Just go to their website and order to your heart's content. You can get anything from boxes to flat envelopes. How great is that and they will ship them directly to your home or office for free also. Plus if need be they will even come pick them up for you when you have them filled and ready to mail. How cool is that!
If you even look around you can get shipping labels from their site also. Pretty neat if I say so myself. Then you just peel and stick, and you're off to the post office to send your package.
How simple was that. No having to scrounge for a box or labels or having to spend out any money for supplies.
I call that being frugal at it's best.


Chinatours said...

Wow, cool, nice! How can your government be so generous. Greetings from China.

Christina said...

They've done this for a long time but people just haven't always known about it. They are really getting the word out now since more people are doing their bills by computer than by old fashion snail mail.