Friday, July 29, 2011

Update to the Tree of Life post- I made one & sold one..

 Okay I just had to make one of those and without further a do---- here is mine::::

YES, I know, mine is way different. But I have always been different than everyone else. I used green wire for the tree so that when it was twisted with the pliers it would show wear. I wanted my tree to show character. Like old trees do and if this tree was to be big and have loads of leaves it should have some character. I also used different colored beads to give it vibrant color. 
I don't know but for a first try I think it came out pretty good. 
The copper wire was only a 16 gauge wire since Jo-Ann Fabrics didn't have the gauge she said to use. This was the biggest I could get. It isn't quite straight if you look at it by the side but since this is for me I really don't care. It just gives it more character. 
I used one of my prescription bottles to wrap the wire around to get the circle. It was a perfect size. 
If anyone does get around to making one of these please send me a pic I would love to see how yours turned out. 

***********This is the one I sold today (7/29) to my F A V O R I T E gal at the Post Office. I wore mine when I went to check my mail and she just loved it. I told her it was a prototype. I told her I had 3 different beads I could use and she chose these ones. I think it turned out pretty well. But I would have liked the beads to have been thicker. So the leaves would have looked thicker.
Over all, I like the way it turned out though. 


Tracie said...

It turned out beautiful. I love how you used the copper color wire and the green just makes it pop! Enjoy the compliments you get when you wear it, I know there will be many!

Christina said...

I wore it to the Post Office this morning and my favorite gal there wants one, so I told her $20 and she didn't blink an eye. I told her I had 3 diff. color beads, these, white or a crystal(sugar looking kind) she opted for the crystals. So I'll be busy making hers today. How fun this is. :)

Tracie said...

I went to Wal Mart today to look for materials and of course they didnt have a thing to make one with. Off to the Lobby I go! Congrats on a sale, I was thinking of making some to sell also. $20.00 is a great price.

Tracie said...

I made one! I just finished a post on it go check it out! I am excited can't you tell, HA HA!!