Monday, July 11, 2011

eCigs update-- new site

As I have posted before. Mr. L. has went from smoking that dreaded ole smelly cigarette to an electronic cigarette. Which I like much better. Our kitchen table looks like a smoke factory. He has MANY bottles of ejuice, atomizers and cartridges in a plastic square bowl. Then his Ceramic 510 C-E2 R4 Blank Cartomizers  that he just LOVES. He just got those the other day. He and my son both smoke the eCigs. We have found a new site that they prefer. It's called Sterling Vapor E-Cigs and a super nice lady named Carol has the site. She is an independent and does all the work herself. She checks everything out so she knows how it works. She smokes the eCigs herself so when you talk with her she knows what you are talking about. Mr. L. has called and talked with her many times and says she is so nice to talk with. If he has any questions about a product she is right there to help and to offer suggestions about a product that would be better suited for your needs. He has went by her suggestions and she hasn't steered him wrong yet.  
Here is what his stash looks like. My son's looks just about the same. 
 The needle is for injecting the ejuice into the  Ceramic 510 C-E2 R4 Blank Cartomizers  .
 That is what Mr. L. is showing here on top of his big 900mah eGo battery. This is a manual battery-which means you push the button there when you want to (puff) vape and let go before you are done to do your *vaping*. 
He and our son just got a 1000mAh eGo Battery today in the mail and they are on the charger. They got them in the Titanium color. You need to charge them a full 8 hrs. before you use them the first time. 
Well just wanted to give you an update on how it was going and let you know of the new place we had found and the great service she provides. 
      Happy Vaping!!!

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