Friday, July 15, 2011

Waiting, waiting and some more waiting

I had went to some garage sales last weekend and happened upon a Bulldog Security System for my vehicle for $10. So I called Cartronics in my hometown and they said they could install it for me. They said it would take a few hours. I said no problem. So I dropped my van off at 1pm. and walked over to KFC to have lunch with my son. So far so good. Then we walked on down to Walgreens and looked around for a bit. Got some good deals on some thing while I was there. We had used up 2hrs. of time by now. So we walked back to check on the progress of my van. Not doing so good. We sat there for about half an hour only for the guy to come out and tell my my system didn't work. He had this blank look on his face. So I asked him what he thought I should do at this point. He looked up at the ceiling and said "I don't know". I did remind him that I did buy the system at a garage sale and it might have been setting for some time so the battery in the keypad might be dead. So he says " I can try to change it". About 10min. later he comes back and says "that works now". Okay--I'm thinking maybe we don't have much farther to go. Boy was I wrong.

That's my van way back there. You can just see the front end. This is my view for the next 2hrs.

1/2 a Brisk Tea later and listening to the 5 people working on this side of the store laughing and not doing their work. 
Not a happy camper, my son waiting with me. You can see he's smoking his eCig there in this pic..

Great sign the lights on the van are blinking-- can you see it back there. They are in the final stages of making sure everything works. SO after a total of 4hrs. they are finally getting things to working. Man that took F O R E V E R...............
I am happy, now I can be lazy like the rest of the world and not have to unlock my doors with a key and I can start my van and let it run to warm up in the winter before I get in it.
                              How cool am I?????

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