Sunday, July 10, 2011

Growing Alfalfa Sprouts

I was searching for alfalfa seeds when I came across this--->>>

My dog has been having bladder infections and I am really tired of paying around $300 every 3-4 months for the vet visits to get Augmentin for her. So I has been looking for alternative ways to help her keep from getting these infections. I have went to wiping her everyday with baby wipes. Which is NOT cheap- even though I am cutting them into smaller sizes. Because when she goes she squats so close to the ground she is always touching the ground and that could be one reason she is having problems. She maybe getting bacteria from the male dogs where they had gone before.
I am trying to get her to eat can food so she is eating moist food so she gets more liquid in her diet. But she is reluctant to do this. She prefers the dry food. She is a really picky eater. So I am putting 1/4 a hot dog into a bit of Alpo prime cuts and so far she is at least trying it.
While reading about the Alfalfa seeds it says they are also good for lowering high cholesterol.  And other things. You might want to give it a read. I am all for natural things instead of all the meds. the Dr.s want to give you. I take 13 pills a day and I am so tired of that. I do take one for high cholesterol so I am seriously looking into this option. 
Well enough of my running my yap on this subject.

Everyone have a super Sunday.
God Bless,.,.,.,.,..,.,

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