Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful day......

The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful day today. It is 81 degrees right now. We went for a bike ride. The wind felt so nice. I love to go for rides on the bike. Larry says I am like a little kid, when I hear him start the bike I come running with my helmet and ask if we are going for a ride. The grandkids like to go for rides also.
We got the landscaping timber we needed to put in front of the house to redo the flowers and now all we need to do is get it cut.
Our neighbor is going to be giving us some of his strawberry plants this year so I am really going to be enjoying them. He gave us some of the strawberries from them last year and boy were they good. I love strawberries.
Won't be long and I will be able to transplant my tomato plants into their pots for the summer. I am doing upside down plants this year with marigolds on top. I have started the marigolds also and they will be ready when the tomatoes are. I just have to wait until all this rain decides to quit.
Well I hope you had a nice day also.
God Bless,

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