Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easy Cake Recipe

Buy a box cake mix, even try to catch it on sale so it will be cheaper or get store-brand. If it is a white or yellow cake add 10 oz diet sprite*, diet 7-up*, or the 0 cal sparkling water*. Then cook as instructed on the box. DO NOT add eggs, butter, oil, water or anything else to the mix. Just the soda and the cake mix itself.

Diet Dr. Pepper* or Diet Coke* are fine for chocolate cakes, but if it is added to the yellow cake mix it makes it a yucky gray color. Which is still fine to eat, just looks bad. With NO added calories, NO eggs, NO milk, NO water and NO oil- how easier could it get!

You'll have a VERY MOIST cake for under a buck plus the cost of the pop (you can get a whole 2 liter for around 99cents and you only need 10 oz of it.) So you'll even have some left over to drink with the cake.

Cook as directed on the box and decorate as you usually would.
Now enjoy!!!!

*you could add regular pop if you want instead of diet*

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