Friday, April 3, 2009

It's going to be a long 3 days

We had a big storm last night and the rain just came pouring down along with lightning. Well in the process we lost our satellite for the TV. Not to bad it was 2 in the morning so I figured it was time for bed anyways. Well I get back up this morning and no TV still. I putter around the house and again I try the TV around noon only to find out STILL no TV. So I decide to call and find out what the problem is. After much deductioning (yes I know not a real word) she determines I have satellite problems DUHHHH- it's that what I called her for in the first place. So she says they have to send a Tech guy out Sunday between 8-Noon and it will cost me $29.99. I say hold the train- why do I have to pay for the service call? She says it's not for the call it's for the Tech Guy. I told her I didn't care I am not to blame for the failure of the satellite and I am NOT paying for him to come fix it. Then she says she can charge me less because I am such a good customer. I told her I still wasn't paying and beside the dish isn't even mine it goes back to them if I decide I don't want the service any more. So then she says I can waive this fee for THIS TIME ONLY if that would be to my liking. I said YES IT WOULD.
So why should I pay for a person to fix something I didn't break in the first place.
I really liked cable better- at least there wasn't a charge for something like this whenever they needed to come out. But unfortunately I live in the country now and all I can get is satellite.
Well---I hope your day has started out on a better note.

On a brighter note-----
I heard from hubby this morning- He is heading to TN. with his brother and nephew- going to see his folks. His dad had a small stroke a few weeks a go so the boys figured they should go see him when they had the time off work. He had a triple by-pass a number of yrs ago and they don't know if this is God's way of telling them there aren't many more yrs. left for this man. Anyways Larry said they left at 5 this morning and when he called at 9 they were 158 miles outside of Columbus, Ohio. They should get there around 6 tonight. They are driving straight through. Gonna stay about 4-5 days then drive straight back.
Thanks for listening to my rant.
God Bless,

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