Wednesday, April 29, 2009

See who passed their motorcycle driving test today------

No not the puppy dog. The one hiding behind the puppy dog. My hubby. He finally got a day without rain so he could go take it today. My brother rode over to the test place with him with his bike. Larry needed a licensed rider to ride with him to the test. It was a short 30 minute test and only cost $25.00. If he had taken the test here in town it would have cost $75.00. But the drive 12 miles was worth the $50.00 savings.
So to celebrate Larry having his bike license we rode into town and ate out tonight at the Jade Restaurant. The gal that works there is from China and when she seen us with our helmets she told us that in China where she comes from that's all they drive.
So I look forward to many rides this summer.

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