Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bichon Frise 10 Commandments

I have to put this on here because I have one of these dogs and he is the love of my life along with my Chihuahua.

Thou shalt feed me today more than thou didst yesterday.
Thou shalt teach me with food - not big sticks and loud voices.
Thou shalt walk with me every day - despite thy favorite TV program.
Thou shall not buy furniture that I cannot sit on.
Thou shalt not pay attention to anyone else but me - lest I feel un-wanted.
Thou shalt love me to death - even when I bark all night.
Thou shalt not have a Cat with ATTITUDE and CLAWS.
Thou shalt not start the car until I am in it.
Thou shalt not hide the food.
Thou shalt obey the above without question lest I POOP on the neighbors lawn and promote community strife.

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