Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The New Barbie Doll

Now this is the way Barbie should be. This is the way most girls are today. Let's be realistic. Girls don't go *OUT* to play anymore. They sit on their butts and text everyone, talk on their cell phones from a very young age. Set in front of the TV screen playing games or play them on the computer. Or they are on the computer talking to their friends. Kids today are nothing like we were when we were kids. What happened to playing *hide-n-seek?* Chasing a ball around trying to get it into the basket? Or even trying to play a game of baseball? Something to get some exercise. Granted we didn't know we were getting exercise at the time. We were just outside having fun. Girls played in the mud making mud pies. Now a girl wouldn't be caught dead with her hands dirty. Heck they don't even dirty their hands doing the dishes-they put the dishes in the dishwasher.
Well I must still be in the dark ages because I AM the dishwasher!
This is the reason why most kids get lured into chat rooms and don't know who they are talking to. They set on their butts and would rather talk to people miles away that they don't know rather than go outside and find a friend they do know to do something constructive with. And parents have the gull to say-I DON'T KNOW HOW MY CHILD GOT IN CONTACT WITH THAT KIND OF PERSON! It's simple- you're not watching them and try to be the parent you should be. It's really quite simple. Our parents did it. And didn't we turn out pretty swell?
Thank Rose for this great picture.

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