Sunday, June 14, 2009

Done for the day----

Well I have things I need to get done before I start thinking about tomorrow. TOMORROW is my surgery day. Yes, I really don't want to think about it, although everyone says it is a minor thing. See I have Arthrofibrosis- otherwise known as Frozen Shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder, or arthrofibrosis, is the development of a stiff shoulder in the absence of significant trauma. Sometimes trivial trauma will trigger the inflammation in the shoulder; frequently, there is no injury at all. The shoulder becomes stiff and, usually, painful in the early inflammatory stages. Diagnosis depends primarily on the exclusion of other shoulder conditions. The treatment usually consists of gentle range of motion exercises. If no improvement occurs over several months, manipulation or surgical release of tight ligaments may be done. Typically, frozen shoulder is a condition which improves spontaneously, although improvement often takes one to four years.

I have been suffering with this since last August on my left shoulder. My chiropractor has been adjusting me and helping as well as he could but nothing has helped to get my mobility back. So after seeing the specialists, they said I needed surgery to minupulate it back to working order. Otherwise twist it in ways it hasn't been going lately----OUCH----:-(((
Then I am set up for 2 weeks of daily therapy.
This is being done as an outpatient. I am scheduled to be at the hospital at 9:30am with surgery at 11:20am. I don't do good with coming out of surgery so they will need to keep a close eye on me. The last few surgeries I have had I took a long time to get fully awake and acklamated to my surroundings and I threw up repeatedly. No idea why, so they said they would keep a close eye on me this time around. So I get to look forward to going to bed earlier than I usually do so I am not tempted to eat or drink anything after midnight tonight.
I guess it is just my getting older that is making me fearful of the surgery. I use to not fear having surgery but of late it seems to be getting to me. I find myself praying more and more to the Lord to calm my nerves. I know that with him all things will be fine. I have always trusted in him and I do now. It is him that comforts me in troubled times. It is he that will get me through TOMORROW.
So if you don't hear from me in a few days don't fret-- I might not be able to move my arm well enough to type for a few days.
Talk with you soon,
God Bless,

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Mike McFall said...

GOOD LUCK!!! God will guide you and be by your side. You will be OK. I enjoyed your "Brothers Song".

We look forward to when you get back and on the road to recovery!!