Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dr. Erika's: The Hormone Friendly Diet

We as women don't realize that when we are having problems losing weight that it might not be the food we are eating. It might be other factors that are hampering our weight loss.
My daughter seen Dr. Erika on Tv last night on the Renegade Dr. show. She was explaining how different things/factors can hamper our weight loss. So I did some searching and found her site.
You will want to take a look at it and look around at some of the things she has to say about different things. You can even sign up for Dr. Erika's FREE Health & Hormones Newsletter if you'd like to get that. I am signing up for that for sure to see what she has to offer before I jump into anything. She explains that the natural foods and herbs are of course much better for you than the pills that the Dr's like to shove onto you so often. This fact I know for sure. They had me up to 13 pills a day for a bit until I decided I was tired of taking that much and now I take only 8 a day.
I'm only 49 and with taking that many pills I was drinking so much water to take them all, that by the time I was done taking them I wasn't hungry.
So that didn't help my weight any because then it thought I was starving it so it started storing the fat. So now my metabolism isn't working at all and no matter what I do I can't get it to start working again.
So I do much searching to find things that will help. I walk the treadmill an hour a day but that doesn't even help. I've done the 5 small meals a day thingy, with no decent results. Oh sure I might lose a few pounds to get me excited but in a few days they are right back on. I have not given up though-I will find a way to lose all this extra weight yet. ;-}

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