Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grown up words????

Are there such things as grown up words?

I was getting my hair cut yesterday and I overheard another lady telling someone that she was upset because her 4yr. old came home after a play date and started using grown up words on her dolls. Referring to the sh_t word and F word and so on. She kept saying that these were words that were to be used by grown ups only, not by kids.

My question is----
When is it ever RIGHT to use these words???? I must of missed that part in school when they taught us that! Because I don't ever remember being told it was EVER appropriate to use these words at all.

I don't EVER remember Jesus using these words and he went through things we will never go through that would warrant being upset to where he would want to say some strong words but he NEVER did.

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