Monday, June 22, 2009

Jupiter Jack

I was reading my newspaper today like I do everyday and I came across this ad for this thing you click into your cell phone. Well I found the website to search it out more. Since it is getting illegal to drive and talk on your cell phone anymore-which many people can't do anyways. This might be a good idea.
Of course it is from good ole Billy Mays, he has come up with so many ideas for everyday things we use. But this one maybe a good one.
I can say I do have a bluetooth for my phone that my son gave me but it is uncomfortable to wear. It doesn't stay on my ear and it hurts my ear on the inside. It is too big for the inside of my ear. Even though it has the 3 size thingy's that you can choose from so they fit right. Well guess what-- that still doesn't help me any. My ear is smaller than the smallest size they give you.
Well I just thought I would share with you what I came across when reading my paper today.

I haven't gotten to the coupons yet. That's actually the only true reason I get my paper. I am a coupon junky. The Lord has shown me how to use the coupons to combine them with the sale items and get our groceries with a great savings. For the two of us I rarely spend over $70 a month. And that's being able to put meat away in the freezer each month also.
Enough of that, that's another story.
God Bless,

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