Monday, June 15, 2009



1 jar of Vitamin E Cream
1 bottle of Baby Lotion
1 jar of Vaseline

All purchased at the Dollar Store.
Mix all together and put in jars.

Now this would be good for gift giving, a baby shower or just to put into a basket with other things to give someone to say Thank You for all you do for me. Or just to add to other relaxing items for the person.
The ideas are endless.

Hand lotion isn't just for women. I had an uncle that worked for GM that came home with rough, dry hands and would rub vaseline on his hands for an hour straight every night. Then after that he would finish them off with baby lotion. He had the softest hands I know for a working man.


Anonymous said...

Great, Im gonna try this, Thanks.
Hey C, Jacobs skin is drying out from the suntan lotion, what can i put on his back :(

Christina said...

I would try a moisturizer-sounds like he needs to get some moisture back in his skin. I like Avon products-when they have theirs on sale. The Skin-So-Soft line is really good.
Another thing I use is Nexcare Advanced Skin Cream. On the tube it says "Softens and replenishes rough, cracked and scaly skin". I know it helps keep my hands and elbows real soft. Good on feet too.