Friday, June 26, 2009

If you use coupons-GO here...

I love this site, you can pick out the coupons you use on a regular basis and pay a small handling fee for them plus postage. But the fee is very small compared to the savings you get when you use them at the store when you use them right. So you recoup what you've spent and then some when you use the coupons. If you use them when there is a sale and you can use them at a store that also doubles the coupon. That is the only time I buy groceries. When they are on sale and I have a coupon. Plus I go in the middle of the week and on Saturdays when they are low on the sale items and I am more likely to get rain checks, that way I can use my coupons at my leisure. Plus I look for items that are marked down and close to their date. If I know I will use them by their date I buy it and use my coupons. I have then really saved a bundle especially if the store doubles the coupons.
When you go and use this site let them know Christina Covert sent you. My email address is They'll ask for t
hat too. It's for their referral program.
But do at least go check this site out. It's worth a look see.
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