Friday, June 12, 2009

Rehoming *fees*

I belong to a group on yahoo that lets you list your pets either for sale or rehome them and I just plain got fed up today and had to post my feelings about the *PRICE* people are wanting to charge for rehoming a pet. I call it *SELLING* because of the price they are expecting to get. I just don't see anything that justifies the price they are wanting for their animals to rehome them as they put it.
WELL---- I will let you read what I sent to the group and let you make up your own mind on the thought.

I just have to put my 2cents in here. We have been having this discussion over on craigslist also about the fees people charge for rehoming pets. Why is it that they are trying to get back out of the pet what they put into it? The high price they put on the pet will not make sure it is going to a good home. Just look around you- there are more pets than ever right now being left behind by their owners because of the economy and some are purebreds. So if they will leave them who's to say when a person pays a big price for a dog they won't some day leave them or harm them?
Besides isn't the name of this group *Free N Cheap Pets* I can't see anything over $50 as being cheap. Would you ask your future son or daughter in law to reimburse you for what you put into your child while it was growing up before they married them? Of course not so don't try to recoup your money when you *SELL* the dog........
Which is what you are doing if you are getting money for it.
**Rehoming a beloved pet or selling an unexpected litter can often be a difficult and frustrating process. However, there are steps that you can take to make things easier. First, ask yourself if you're rehoming or selling your animal (there is a difference). "Rehoming" is a term often used for an animal or reptile that has been kept as a household pet. "Selling" is usually referred to an animal or reptile that has been slated for sale since conception and/or birth.**

Just because a person doesn't pay a high price for a pet doesn't mean they aren't going to love it forever. I pd. $35 for my purebred Chihuahua and I have had her for 6yrs. I spent over $2000.00 last Nov. for surgeries to keep her alive. That's how much I care for her. And I am on SSI. So I don't have the big bucks. I also got a Bichon for FREE all because they couldn't potty train him. It took me all of a week and he was trained. He has been in our family 3yrs. now. They both will remain with us til they go home to God when he calls for them as he did our other animals.

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