Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why do showers for women take so long....

This is the question my husband always asks whenever I take a shower. Especially if we are getting ready to go somewhere. He thinks that because he can take one in under 10 minutes there is no reason I should take much longer. This has been an on going debate in our home for quite some time now.
Well today he finally figured out just WHY it takes me so long to take my shower.
How did he do that you may ask? I will tell you.
But before I do I want you to know I love this man with all my heart and I don't know another that would do such a thing to have figured this out. In my book there is none sweeter than my Larry.

He so many times has to put up with my complaints of my headaches or of late my shoulder not having the movement it should. Well I keep telling him that when he gets older (see he is 10yrs younger than I am) he will some day get to experience all these lovely aches and pains just as I do. Sometimes the good Lord sees fit to let him experience just a small example of my pain and he will back off from telling me all my aches and pains are in my head. Just a bit to let you know how Larry and I get along. But back to my question at hand.
Why do showers for women take longer??
Larry so graciously took it upon himself to shave his legs today up to about his knees mind you, to see just how long it would take. Since I had said that was one reason it took me longer to take a shower. Well he said he figured it took him roughly about 17 min. to do that, being careful not to cut himself and to clean out the razor well because of the hair clogging it. {now-now laughing aside}
I have to commend him for his efforts. But he said he fully understands now why it takes the time it does for a women to take a shower. And that he will NEVER bother me again for taking a longer shower than he thinks I should be taking.
Larry and I share many things. And this is one more I can add to the list. I can not say that Larry does not go up and beyond the call of duty when it says through good times and bad.
When God said you will become as one he was not kidding with Larry and I.

So ladies the next time your man has a problem with you taking a longer shower than he thinks you should take-
DARE him to do the same routine as you do and see if he can do it any faster.............


Anonymous said...

LOL Jeff and Jacob says same thing lol

Goose Hill Farm said...

Skippy says the same thing. And I tell him it takes me longer because I HAVE HAIR!! :> O

Well, and Larry now have another thing in common.....SMOOTH LEGS! LOL

Way to go, Larry!