Monday, June 22, 2009

Times when we are taught not to argue....

I belong to many different places on the computer and Facebook is one of them. Tonight a young lady had put a picture of an angel on there and said that she needed a real one of these to guard over her. Well I replied that if she accepted the Lord as your only savior then you do have one of these for REAL.

She later replied "ya i have trouble thinking about God it just dosent make any sense 2 me...I was in the religion 4 years n years n just seeing the kind of people that hide in the back of God just descuste me...abuser theif....or quitting drinking or doinf drugs n blabla!Its the perfect crime hiding behind God!I beleive in my self n everything i got is because of me n all the meals i eat is because i provide 4 them n i buy it :) N electronicone will do,heheh,I dont want 2 offence any1 Peace N LuvxxxoxN believe in your self n no one else!"

A reply like this would normally want to make one want to reply right back to her. But it will take the Lord to knock on her heart in his own way to let this young lady know the truth. As she is set in her own way right now and is not willing to listen to man.
It is so sad how many will go through life in this manor of thinking. Not realizing that they have gotten nothing in this life without the Lord giving it to them. Not realizing that the Lord put you in the path for your job that provides the money for your bills you make and to pay for the food you eat. Or to pay for the shelter he has provided for you. Without the Lord you would have NOTHING.

Many will go through life without ever realizing the joy of what it means to have accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior and will have missed out on one of life's most important honors. Because in all reality we don't deserve this honor the Lord has bestowed before us. He had to find a way to save us. We were such a sinful people he had to send down his only begotten son to die for us.
Can you imagine sending your child somewhere to die for people??? And in such a terrible manor??
Would you send your child to another world willingly to be tortured for other people, by other people??
I don't know if I could....
God Bless,

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