Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting some Sun.........

Miss Punkin getting some sun. This dog loves her sun. You ought to see her move around the house following the sun coming in the windows. She use to lay on the asphalt drive we had at our other house. It was too hot for us to walk across on our bare feet from the swimming pool but she would lay there just loving the warmth. We have to watch that she doesn't get too much sun or she will burn her ears.
In the wintertime she can't keep warm enough. She cuddles up in her blankets and it takes you a minutes to untangle her to get her out of them. She loves to set in front of the heater duct with me and cuddle in a blanket. Especially on our cold 20 degree nights. When we let her and JP sleep in bed with us she will tunnel right under the covers to get warm, even in the summer time.

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