Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Make Money While Van Dwelling *edited*

How to Make Money While Van Dwelling

You can go here to see the full story. I am editing this because I thought I had put the link on the title, but I had forgotten it in my first posting of this story. Curtis Carper the original one who did this story, sent me an email reminding me that I didn't. Thank you for that Mr. Carper. I in no way want to step on anyone's toes. I don't mean to TAKE anyone's ideas or credit for anything. I just thought this was a great story and wanted to share it with others. Please for give me for my oversight.

Now this would really help out if you were running low on funds and needed to put some extra dough in your pockets.

Sometimes You Can't Be Too Picky, Work is Work.

Temp Services or Day Labor jobs where you work for the day and get pd at the end of each day.

Work Camper: The publication Workamper News, found at an excellent source for jobs across the country.

Panhandling: Many parts of the country have laws preventing you from begging on the street. Lager cities seem to have less interest in pursuing the enforcement of such regulations. The standard uniform for the average panhandler is a general disheveled appearance, looking to be in bad need of a shower, shave and a haircut. Usually located at intercity freeway entrances and intersections controlled by traffic lights.
Anywhere that passing traffic must stop and wait.
An article was published a few years back about a panhandler working the streets of Dallas. When asked what his financial picture really amounted to he stated he had $25,000 on deposit at a casino in Las Vegas. Apparently money deposited in that way earns no interest, but also provides no record to the IRS. An interesting tale, though questionable in authenticity.
Some useful information can be found at How to Panhandle that will help you succeed when the chips are down and this is what it takes to get by.


Curtis Carper said...
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Curtis Carper said...
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Christina said...

As for myself I feel if anyone wants to feel free to take something from my site and put it on theirs have at it. It is there for the taking. Any claims they want to make to it is between them and God- it is them and God that will have to deal with it in the end. God knows first who to give what credit too. It wouldn't be there without him anyways! That's all that matters to me. I don't worry myself with it. I am too busy enjoying live to worry about other peoples problems they are getting themselves into.

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